Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3 beans & ham stirfry

I have taken to one-dish meals that can be made for one person in one pan without too much fuss and tastes equally great as leftovers... Such is the life of an unpaid student, I'm just glad I haven't reverted to sustaining myself on cereal - yet! ... lolz!

Three beans and ham stirfry
1 bunch of french beans
1 pack of snow peas
1 teaspoon fermented soy beans paste (tauchu)
1 chili - sliced into strips
1 onion - sliced
3 slices of Honey-cured ham (or whatever ham you have at hand) - chopped

1. Heat a bit of oil in frying pan and saute onions, chilli.
2. Add in beans, snow peas and toss it in the pan on high heat. Mix in tauchu paste as well as ham and continue stirfry.
3. Best served hot with a plate of steamed white rice.

P/s: The tauchu is quite salty so you usually don't need to add salt...

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