Friday, April 17, 2009

Flambe Prawns with garlic, basil and chilli

It's been almost a whole month since I last posted. Life in the "real" world has been busy and I haven't had much time to spend in the kitchen (even when I did it was to make something I've already posted about before)....

Since I had missed the Recipes to Rival challenge in March when they set the kitchen on fire (Steak Diane Flambe), I was keen to pour some alcohol over food and do it too... Settled on this version of buttery prawns with garlic, basil and chilli - reminiscent of something I had tried at a Tapas bar once.

On the flambe part, it was a shortlived few glimmers licking the surface unlike a roaring flame like I imagined (perhaps I was too meek in trying to get it to catch flames - lest I have to pay my mom for damage to her kitchen). The resulting broth was super delicious and would have went well with lovely chunks of crusty bread sopping it up but since I didn't have any on hand, tossed it with some steaming pasta.

Flambe Prawns with garlic, basil and chilli
Prawns - shelled
Garlic Butter - generous amount
Basil - roughly chopped
1 tomatoe - roughly chopped
Chilli flakes - 1 tablespoon
A shot of Bacardi rum (well, its originally white wine... didn't have any)

1. In a skillet, saute prawns, basil, chilli flakes and tomatoes with garlic butter until cooked or prawns turn pink.
2. Throw in the shot of alcohol and carefully tilt (don't wait too long) your saucepan towards the flame. The flames should turn orange-y as they lick off the alcohol. Of course you could just skip this step altogether for something more "normal".

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