Thursday, February 12, 2009

Spaghetti with bacon, fresh baby spinach, olives and egg

Otherwise known as spaghetti surprise - because being too lazy to figure out a proper dish after coming home on a rainy day, i practically chucked together bits and pieces of leftover with steaming hot spaghetti and was pleasantly delighted with the results!

Heck, i wasn't even planning on photographing and posting about it, but then it turned out great so i grabbed the closest thing to me (read above: lazy!) my handphone - hence the blurry shot.

Spaghetti with bacon, fresh baby spinach, olives and egg
Spaghetti - cooked al dente
Bacon - one or two pre-cooked and shredded to bits
Fresh baby spinach - cleaned
5 Black olives - chopped finely
1 egg - poached in a pot of boiling vinegared water (the yolk should still be runny)
Garlic herb butter
4 tbsps Evaporated milk
Crushed black pepper
Salt to taste
Optional - topping of parmesan cheese

1. Put everything in a large bowl and top with steaming hot spaghetti. Toss it all together, breaking the poached egg so that it forms a kinda creamy thick "sauce" that coats the noodles. Top with parmesan cheese if you like and enjoy!

1 comment:

MrOrph said...

This sounds like a new take on spaghetti alla carbonara.

Don't you just love it when a non-plan comes together?