Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cheese & Jam mini rolls

So I like had some lovely homemade soft crumbly cheese and a packet of pre-made pastry sheets lying around my fridge... since tea-time was around the corner, decided to root around and see what else I could put together with it...

Cheese & jam mini rolls
One packet pre-made puff pastry (or if you boast em' fancy skills, you could make it yourself)
Two tablespoons black cherry jam
A tablespoon brown sugar
A handful or so ricotta / soft cheese
Two tablespoons yogurt
Melted Butter to brush on top of pastry

1. Cut pastry sheets into half (triangle shaped)
2. In a bowl, mix jam, brown sugar, yogurt and cheese with a fork.
3. Spread mixture onto pastry triangle and roll. Press the edges firmly together so it doesn't open up.
4. Bake in oven according to directions on your pastry pack.

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