Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello Ox! Have some Yee Sang...

Steps to usher in the Chinese New Year with some traditional Yee Sang:
1. Head to the nearest chinese restaurant (in my case, Restaurant Overseas at Imbi Road) because you don't have a mandolin and are just too darn lazy to finely shred everything by hand. For the uninitiated, Yee Sang is kinda like a salad meets cerviche (citrus marinated raw seafood). What you see on the plate is finely shredded carrot, shredded turnip, cucumber, pomelo, preserved fruits, preserved ginger. If you look closer, the waitress is squeezing lime juice on the thinly sliced salmon before adding it in.
2. Add in crackers for crunch as well as the sweet plum sauce, vinegar and sesame oil.
3. I should've probably added in the beginning that Yee Sang is best enjoyed with a group of people. Now stand up, wield the chopsticks and brace yourself to "Lo Hei" (toss everything together).
4-5. While you toss, it's customary to say out loud your positive wishes. Also, remember, the higher you toss, the more prosperous and luck-filled the new year will be! (cue messiness and a roaring fun time)...

For more history on the origins of Yee Sang -

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