Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chocolate covered strawberries

Sigh... this was blissfully luscious...

So luscious that it didn't matter if I was enjoying this alone (although I did imagine a gorgeous hunk tenderly placing it upon my lips) or that such seductive nibbling was occuring a whole week after valentine's.

And next time, I'm going to schedule any potential Valentine's home-cooked dates for a week later - it was insane how much the strawberries were going for (70% off their usual price at Garden's Cold Storage), not to mention good dark chocolate, heavenly slabs of cheese and all sorts of other "imported" goodies.

Chocolate covered strawberries
Fresh strawberries (the ones I had gotten were Korean and naturally sweet)
Hershey's chocolate
A few spoonfuls of yogurt

1. Break hershey's chocolate into pieces, add a couple of spoons of yogurt and nuke in microwave for 1 minute on Medium High.
2. Stir the melted choc well with the yogurt and drizzle over lusciously arranged strawberries.

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