Friday, January 30, 2009

RFJ Feb09: Tomyam stirfry in crunchy noodles nest

Pant.... I think I'm cutting it very very close this month but I really wanted to participate in the Leftover Queen's Royal Foodie Joust especially with ingredients right up my alley (read: didn't have to go searching high and low for).

I'm glad that last month's champion Billy from A Table For Two, picked three simple ingredients - cauliflower, noodles, mushrooms. After the heavy meals that dominated the end of 08, these were refreshing... plus, just in time for Chinese New Year!

The deal with the delay was that I had pre-bought and stored the cauliflower specifically to capitalize on the free period during the CNY holidays and make my dish. BUT... my mom beat me to it and used my veggies for something else and because every other supermarket, grocer or market vendor was closed, I had to wait.

Looking at the great recipes (and even greater pics) that's already up there, I'm nervous about how my easy entry will measure up... but hey, even if I'm a far shot from winning, it made a scrumptious dinner!

And the crunchy noodles were super addictive munchies (they had light airy crunch) - it would be wise to make an extra batch to keep aside and sprinkle some parmesan cheese (like me!) or any other desired flavoring. Gee whiz, I think i may have hit on something here...

Tomyam stirfry in crunchy noodles nest

i) For crunchy noodles
Glass noodles or soo hoon
Oil for frying
A wee bit drizzle of sesame oil

ii) Tomyam stirfry vege
Cauliflower - cut into bite sized florets
Enoki or straw mushrooms - left whole
White Oyster mushrooms - cut in strips
Broccoli - cut into bite size florets
Tomyam paste - adjust to taste
1/4 cup Water
Shallots - left whole
Prawns - peeled and de-veined
A handful Glass noodles - soaked in hot water.


1. Deep fry dry glass noodles (important: DO NOT wet them beforehand) and they will blossom up (kind of like frying keropok or crackers).
2. When they are golden and not translucent, dish onto kitchen towel. Toss in a wee bit of sesame oil for added flavour before spreading them out on the base of your serving plate.
3. In a pan or wok, saute shallots and prawns with some oil. Add tomyam paste and water.
4. Once prawns have turned pink, throw in the veggies and mushrooms. Add glass noodles last after everything is cooked as they will slurp up all the gravy.
5. Spoon tomyum veggies over the crunchy noodle nest and serve!

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