Saturday, January 31, 2009

R2R January: Holopchi & chilli cheesey sauce

Update: No pictures available. I am mortified... like really really mortified at my "rapidly pressing the delete button" stupidity that has left me pretty much pictureless to back up my claim of making something from a land far far far away in my own kitchen. More on that later...

This month's Recipes to Rival challenge was co-hosted by mom-daughter duo Giz & Psychgrad from Equal Opportunity Kitchen and Kat from A Good Appetite. The daring task we had to undertake - Holopchi, an Ukrainian dish which is bread wrapped in beet leaves.

The full recipe adapted off the The Keld Community Ladies Club in Ashville, Manitoba cookbook can be found here. A word of warning, the recipe is large enough to feed a starved battalion, so best you quarter it (that still made about 24 medium-sized rolls) - which if you join a helpful group like R2R, someone is bound to sound the alert and do it for you ;-)

I was excited at my first ever attempt to make bread. But had no idea what or where beet leaves and swiss chard could be sourced from (I'm starting to sense a pattern with the food blogger's challenges now - what is easy for those in the West to find is virtually impossible here and they play a whole different veggie game there...), so it was to the drawing board to figure out what would work (with some truly helpful suggestions from Temperance).

Like a mad scientist, here's some of the tweaks I did to "asianize" the recipe:
Attempt one - Substitute the leaves with Bak Choy leaves.
Verdict - Horribly icky soggy texture, the leaves did not fare well in the oven.

Attempt two - Use spring onions and spinach to wrap the dough.
Verdict - Much more better. The spring onions gave a wonderful aroma, altho they didn't hold the bread in too well (it opened up). Topped it with the below chilli cheesey sauce (since didn't have dill).

Chilli Cheesey Sauce
Sharp cheese - grated
Garlic - chopped finely
Chilli flakes - sprinkling
Salt to taste

Melt everything together in a saucepan and whisk till smooth.

For an idea of how holopchi is supposed to look like and leave your mouth watering, check out the other R2R-ers here.

Back to the pictures, the ones I had taken didn't look so great so I was editing through them on the camera itself and chucking them off. Kept two that looked somewhat decent but as apparently I accidentally deleted those off too (when the preview screen went back to the beginning) and was left with an empty memory card. Gah, lesson learned - next time upload em onto your laptop before you start deleting anything!


Temperance said...

Very Creative! I have done the delete thing too, The moment of shocked desperation when you realize all your hard work is gone is not fun.

Andrea said...

Sorry you deleted your pictures! That totally sucks. But your changes to the recipe sound just wonderful. How very very creative you are!!