Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A new year, new gizmos to try

Who doesn't love prezzies? The blog apparently has been getting some hype amongst family and friend circles so the trend (and discussion) these last couple of weeks seems to be leaning in that direction.

I never would have taken the plunge to actually go out and buy books of recipes from my own countries - especially when those recipes were for things that are really easily available down any street corner or restaurant. I'm glad someone thought I needed one and Preston's Popular Malaysian Cakes & Kuih and Malaysian Favourites lays everything out in a simple format. Have already tried a few recipes as you can probably tell (or soon tell) from the recent blogging.

The basic icing set was given a couple of months back but its still in almost mint condition. I haven't gotten around to whipping up any lovely sugary creations (other than the gougeres) so I'm actually putting it in as a new year's resolution to use it!

Hehe... while I'm on a roll, could always do with Jamie Oliver's Jamie At Home and canadian Michael Smith's Chef At Home books and a few new plates (a round black one, a long rectangular one and a couple of bright coloured ones)... I'm just saying... :)

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Jescel said...

wow.. that icing set is nice. i'd love to have one myself. :o)