Saturday, December 20, 2008

Choc & Cheese Sammies

I got this idea of putting chocolate and cheese together from one of Oprah's shows. While I don't religiously follow the series (like SOME people I know), was couldn't help getting drawn in by the fact that Oprah and her buddy Nate had some truly awkward moments and giggles with guest chef Giada (was it just me or did it seem like one of them was tipsy?). Anyways, Giada made a panini with brie cheese, choc chips AND basil - something that clearly the great O herself was struggling to find words for or swallow. But anyways, I digress. The thought of putting two of my faves - choc & cheese together seemed brilliant enough to give it a shot and I did... and then I did it again and again (no one else I've offered it to would try it though, so you've been warned, its an acquired taste).

Choc & Cheese Sammies
Chocolate chips
A slice of cream cheese or any other less strong type
Plain bun or dinner rolls

1. Cut bun or dinner roll in half. Place cheese slice in middle and arrange choc chips on top.
2. Squish together the bun nicely in a sandwich/panini maker till choc chips melt.

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