Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dark Chicken Soup / Stock with an Asian tinge...

My go to for chicken stock cum steamboat soup base cum chicken broth for noodles. Use more fleshy chicken parts then shred it later (better if kept a couple of hours) and top noodles.

Warning: This isn't a pretty one compared to "clear" chicken stocks as it turns dark from the black beans but it's darn yummy.

Dark Chicken Soup / Stock with an Asian tinge
1/2 Chicken - bones and breast (if you need it to top noodles)
2 tablespoon tauchu (salted black bean paste)
Carrots - chopped large
Celery** (optional)
Black peppercorns - slightly crushed with the back of your knife
3 cups Water
Salt (to taste if necessary)
Spring Onions - cut large
Shallots - halved

Put everything in a pot and leave to boil boil boil till chicken flesh drops off bone.

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MrOrph said...

I never thought of adding black beans to chicken soup. You clever girl you!