Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kitchen Bytes: Seetharam Family Restaurant, Brickfields

Location: Seetharam Family Curry House, Brickfields [On the same side as CIMB Bank]

Braving the traffic and crowds that usually build up in Brickfields (otherwise known as KL's Little India) around the Diwali festival time, all with the single determination of satisfying our craving for Banana Leaf lunch. We hadn't been to this place before but a crowd is always a good indicator of what's good.
The restaurant has one of the most abundant spreads of Vegetarian (boasting of 45 dishes daily) and Non-vegetarian rice accompaniments that I have EVER seen. That's not counting the Pure Vegetarian Chinese Spread (oh, 20 more or so dishes that are cooked without onion or garlic but somehow still super tasty).

RM4.50 will get you the standard banana leaf set which comes with steamed white rice, a choice of 4 vegetable dishes, any curry gravy you want (chicken, fish, dhal or fenugreek), pappadam crackers, sour lime achar and a cup of rasam. But carnivores will know that a good "banana-leaf" also requires a spicy lip burning chicken varuval (chicken cooked until the gravy of spices and chilli dries and clings to it). Top it off with a cooling mango lassi or a cup of "pulled" spice chai (the pulling of the tea gives it a nice foamy finish).

Warning: Partaking in a banana leaf meal can often lead to you being so full that you feel like a drowsy snake...

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