Friday, October 3, 2008

Kitchen Bytes: Kuala Selangor trip

Detouring from our regular food posts, couldn't resist sharing this pic taken during our family trip to Kuala Selangor!

Dozens of these docile and soooo adorable silverleaf monkeys roamed Bukit Malawati (where we also snapped shots of a colonial lighthouse, the ruins of an ancient Malay ruler's palace). As compared to the more fierce teeth-baring macaques who ruled the nearby Nature Sanctuary. Also on the itinerary for the day, was a sampan boat ride at night to see synchronized fireflies (one of the few accessible places in the world to view them - the other is apparently deep in the Amazon)....

If you're ever down in Kuala Lumpur, I urge you to take the 1 hour odd drive down to Kuala Selangor as it also has some of the freshest seafood in town. Unfortunately, being THE place to get good seafood also means that it has become a tad touristy with huge restaurant operators at Pasir Penampang Fishing Village, but venture slightly away from the hustle and you'll find a few food gems.

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