Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An A+ apple cake

Apples apples apples. One could just wax lyrical about these shining red / pink / green beauties from its smell, to the crunchy freshness or the temptatious cinnamon-caramel paired soft goodness.

My usual safe apple bet is apple crumble (topped with crushed cornflakes) but reading Drew Kime's post on "How To Make Apple Cake" got me printing it out and popping off to the kitchen immediately (nevermind that it was 9.00am and I was still lazing in my jammies OR that I dread baking anything with measurements). But it was simple and easy and incredibly tasty, we even took it over on Deepavali day to my aunt's place.

I could repost the recipe (from Drew's wife's great-great-grandmother) here but the man explains it soooo much better with gorgeous step-by-step photos that it would be daft of me not to send you his way. So click on to

Look at that... Even eating the batter straight was yummy!
p/s: the cake does not keep well for more than two days. So you want to finish this fast, not like you'll be able to resist doing otherwise.
p/p/s: I swapped the pecans/walnuts in the dish with raisins and chopped cashews.

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