Saturday, September 6, 2008

Kitchen Bytes: Kaya Balls

Dashing through Leisure Mall after a session at the gym (had parked my car waaay on the other side and was running late), I was literally stopped in my tracks by the gloriously sweet aroma wafting in the air. An extra sniff or two and I felt my guilty feet moving in another direction until hitting jackpot - a kaya ball stand!

Kaya Balls are basically fluffy green (from the fragrant pandan/screwpine leaves) cake balls filled with a centre of gooey sweet kaya (a jam made from egg & coconut milk). These traditional treats are not too easy to find these days as you need the special ball iron to make them in but I found this recipe for a homemade version you could try.
There was a wait as the lady had just started her first batch, so I couldn't resist whipping out my phone to take some shots of her in action...

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