Monday, September 29, 2008

Tempura Spinach Fritters

When I told my friends what I had made last Saturday, I was met with "WHATS?!" and "You're kiddings" followed by pretty puzzled faces. This was such a wild card that even I had my initial doubts... Deep fried leafy greens? But it turned out so spectacularly good that I munched my way through the bowl while reading. With a few tweaks (it lost its crispiness after an hour and got a bit soggy - good thing I was down to the last three pieces), I think I may be on to something... Just don't tell my trainer...

Tempura Spinach Fritters
Spinach (I used red spinach)
Onions chopped
Tempura batter (or a mix of wheat flour, corn flour, soda and ice cold water till you get a thick slurry)

1. Heat oil in wok
2. Chop largely spinach leaves and mix up with onions.
3. Using a spoon, drop spinach leaves mix into the batter and scoop up.
4. Fry till outside is golden and crispy.

p/s: I tried first dipping a whole spinach leaf in the batter just to experiment - turned out like crisps... mmm... when i figure out how to stop it from losing its crispyness perhaps I'll fry a whole batch to store...

p/p/s: A book I recommend you pick up - Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen & David Oliver Relin. It's about mountaineer Greg's work in building 55 schools in remote villages in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Truly inspirational. If anyone happened to read the Editor's Note in October's AstroView magazine, you may notice why this one really hit home for me...

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