Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merdeka BBQ...

Question: Why don't we hear more about "Independence Day" Barbecues over here in Malaysia like the Americans? We have the perfect weather...
Answer: Because we make do with flimsy portable grill sets and lord help anyone who tries to use those "instant" tiny disposable ones! Oh and take half the night trying to get the coal going.

Anyways, after a series of maladies and dashes to the store, our perseverance paid off and the Merdeka Eve barbecue finally got going at 10pm. Thankfully, the food turned out wonderful including my "just-throw-everything-in-there" chicken marinade.

Barbecue Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings
Lemon Juice
Chilli powder
Worchestire Sauce
Light soy sauce

Throw everything in and mix well. Marinade overnight or for a couple of hours at least.

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MrOrph said...

Yeah, we don't need no Independence Day to grill. Well, at least I don't.

Tumeric goes in everything, huh?