Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kitchen Bytes: A deconstructed sandwich

Do you have weird eating tendencies with some of the "normal" foodstuff you encounter?

My name is Kavs and I am a sandwich/burger deconstructor.

Maybe I should make myself more clear - the way I eat my burger/sandwich is layer by layer. I eat the top bread first then the topping and then the burger/filling itself and finally the bottom piece of bread.

Well, in private (at home) at least. I seem to be able to force myself to observe proper burger eating etiquette when in public (other than the times when I was absorbed in conversation to realise that I was openly doing it until someone points it out).

To save time putting together and then taking apart a sandwich, I usually end up making a deconstructed sandwich when I'm at home which looks something like this...

Sunflower and black sesame seeds topped bun with balsamic dressed salad and salsa filled paprika ham cuts.

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