Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grilled Sting-ray in zesty chilli gravy

When I was little, I absolutely refused to eat fish. As the story goes, I had somehow equated in my young mind that the fish fried and curried at home were once the beloved residents of my aquarium. I still don't like eating a majority of fish - especially those that I term "fishy" fish, come with bones or freshwater fish. Anyhoo... thatstory has nothing whatsoever to do with the recipe below, I just realised that my seafood section had a number of fish dishes which is soo weird.. :-P heh...

Over here in Malaysia, sting-ray (ikan pari) is popularly served "portugese style" - doused in spicy sambal, topped with okra and beans and then enveloped with a banana leaf and grilled. This version is a little different though as it has more gravy and a bit more zing from the lime as well as easier to make at home.

Grilled Sting-ray in zesty chilli gravy
Sting-ray pieces
1/4 cup Water
1/2 lime - juiced
Tomatoes - cut into wedges
Lemon grass stem
Salt to taste

1. Fry sting-ray pieces with a bit of oil till browned on all sides. Set aside on paper towels.
2. In a blender, grind chilli, onions, garlic and ginger with water till you achieve a thick paste. Salt to taste.
3. Take the back of your knife and bruise/flatten the lemon grass stem.
4. Place sting-ray pieces on a foil (if you have banana leaves easily available, you can cut a piece out and line the foil with it). Pour on top the ground paste, throw in the lemon grass stem and top with tomato wedges, sliced onions. Fold the foil into a kind of envelope, sealing all the sides.
5. Bake in oven (or grill if you have it) for about 20 minutes on medium high heat.
6. Cut an X on the bloated envelope to open it. Be careful of the steam though. Spritz lime juice on top and mix it around a bit. Serve with steamed rice or bread.


MrOrph said...

Okay, what kinda ray?

We can't get that stuff over here.

I did recently get some skate wing, which is a type of ray, and I wasn't impressed. I am sure that it was my ignorance in prep and cooking that did it though because all that I have read is that skate and ray are excellent.

Kavs said...

From the looks of it, I think (being the operative word as I had to google this) that Sting ray and Skate are quite similar.

Yeah, it is pretty flat tasting on its own which is why its usually paired with stronger marinade/sauces or barbecued for that smoky flavor.