Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rice Noodles with Tauchu & Ham

I finally got around to making something out of Kylie's book (I have to admit that after going through it - most of the recipes in her book didn't impress me much and it was more of a coffee-table thing).

So I made something at least close to it... In the spirit of cost-cutting, I'd say that this dish would be pretty thrifty as I could serve three people hearty portions at roughly RM5.40!

Rice Noodles with Black Bean & Ham
1 packet of Rice Noodles (Kuey-teow)
A bunch of spring-onions
Ham/Bacon chopped up
1 tablespoon fermented soybeans sauce (tauchu - note it's v.salty)
A handful Small onions quartered
Garlic sliced
A drizzle of balsamic vinegar* (well, you're supposed to use rice wine, but that's all i had)

Fire up wok and heat oil. Fry small onions, garlic, ham. Throw in rice-noodles and soybean sauce, vinegar and stir fry it on high heat (Wok hei). Lower heat once noodles seperate and add spring onions. Give it a quick stir once over and serve hot.

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MrOrph said...


I wonder where I could get tauchu from here in the states...