Friday, June 27, 2008

Royal Foodie Joust July: Midnight Fruity Chicken Toasties

I was practically frothing at getting back into the Royal Foodie Joust (hosted by Jenn, the Leftover Queen) after missing out on the last one (aah, finding "affordable" raspberries and then the unfortunate gloopy results of experimenting with gummy raspberry drops). So when time was running out and I still hadn't scrounged my three ingredients (apricots, ginger and butter) together, I had almost given up hope.

Until, I walked into a convenience store at 1am in the morning and came across dried apricots. Bingo! I had an idea of playing with a sweet pasta this round but then decided to enter what I did with the leftover because it tasted so much better! Oh, did I mention that the leftover was made also after midnight and a late night-out with my mates? Double midnight whammy, how could I resist putting it in the name?

Midnight Fruity Chicken Toasties

Your pastry or bread of choice (I used a wholemeal roll)

Chicken fillet - chopped into bite size pieces
1 red chilli - chopped
A handful of cherry tomatoes - halved
A handful of dried apricots - chopped
A slice of dried mango - chopped
Young ginger - coarsely chopped
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
Freshly ground pepper
Salt to taste

1. In a bowl, marinade chicken with worchestire sauce, salt, ginger and pepper.
2. Melt butter in a saucepan. Add in chilli and tomatoes. Dump everything in the bowl into the pan (chicken, ginger, marinade) and leave to cook. Add more pepper (or to your preference).
3. Throw in apricots and mango. Give it a good stir and wait for sauce to thicken.
4. Leave filling to cool and toast the pastry/bread of your choice with some butter. Fill and enjoy!

p/s: I love ginger so I had used a generous amount. Was pleasantly surprised when the ginger was sweetened by the fruits (tasted close to the ones at sushi places) after being left overnight.

p/p/s: If you want to check out the other entries or join in the Joust, visit here.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Sounds like a great midnight snack! I am sure you and your mates really enjoyed that! Leftovers RULE!
Best of luck in the Joust!

Nikki Miller-Ka said...

Mmmm. Yes, your snack looks great. It sounds like something I'd come up with to snack on during a late-night fridge raid. Good luck to you in the joust, too!

MrOrph said...


I can have this. Can I?


Kavs said...

Haha... thanks guys! And yes Donald, you can have it if it makes the world a better place ;-)