Sunday, June 15, 2008

Kitchen Bytes: I met Kylie Kwong!

It isn't often that we get celebrity tv chefs visiting us down here in KL but was lucky enough to be one of the press invited to meet Kylie Kwong (Discovery Travel & Living) and watch her in action.

Well, actually scratch the first part of that sentence cos we got the hunky Curtis Stone down (who btw, was charmingly funny... mMmm) too two months ago but who's keeping count?

Anyways, other than the obligatory "fan" moment, came home with her latest huuuge cookbook My China (see inset). Watch this space as I embark on trying and tweaking some of the simple rustic chinese recipes she shares.

1 comment:

Dharm said...

Well isnt that exciting!! I'm not a real fan of Kylie though... actually I dont even quite like her... but thats just me! :)