Sunday, April 6, 2008

Kitchen Bytes: Garlic, a love story

I'm on the lookout for more garlic recipes - do me a fave and share if you have any.

A garlic hater? Gasp, tell me how you can't love such a perfect combination - misunderstood yet Versatile.
Pfft... and how dare you dump the poor bulb into "dating 101" rulebook.
Heartless vampires you lot are.

As you can tell, I lurve garlic.
Raw and chopped up, tossed in salad for a peppery tinged bite.
Garlic flakes, sliced thinly and deep fried. Sprinkled atop teppanyaki for the extra nutty crunch.
Sauted with vegetables like asparagus, choy sam and kailan.
Roasted whole with a drizzle of olive oil and salt and then squeezed into pasta or sauces for a sweet touch.
Made into Aioli or reduce with herbs and butter to make a yummy garlic spread.

And let's not forget it's medicinal properties - lowering cholesterol among them (and we foodies know we NEED this)...

Enough of the odes, send in those recipes peeps!!!

p/s: i have been brushing up on my meager photoshop skills esp since i've yet figured out how to masterfully capture food photography. This pic is one of those attempts... :)

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kittie said...

Yay - another garlic lover! I go through bulbs of the stuff every week...

Check my blog and search on the garlic label for some of my recipes! One of my personal favourites is the Roasted Garlic Homemade Pasta :)

Ps nice pic - I can't work photoshop out at all... :-S