Friday, March 28, 2008

Traffic Light Nachos Platter

Well, okay you caught me! So I glammed up the name a bit - I'll admit that it's a basic Nachos platter that most Americans would probably be familiar with. In my defence though, bring it out accompanied with chilled beers on a movie night or party over here and everyone goes wild!

(blushes) In fact, that just happened and I totally forgot calling a timeout and getting a nice pic of it. Damn!

Traffic Light Nachos Platter

Nachos chips - fill into a big huge bowl

a) Salsa
Fresh cherry Tomatoes (they are sweeter)
Onions (but not too much)
Chilli - chopped finely
A good squeeze of lime juice
Chopped mint

Method: Put everything except for the chilli into a food processor (use the chopping mechanism) and give it a two second blitz to chop it finely BUT don't overdo it into mush. Chop chilli by hand and stir in.

b) Guacamole
Avocado - pitted and mashed
Tomatoes - chopped finely
Onion - chopped finely
Sour cream
Freshly ground black pepper & salt to taste
Cilantro - optional (esp since i hate cilantro but shush...)

Method: Put everything into a bowl and smush away till smooth.

Note: Guacamole or the Avocado part in it anyways does not store well as it turns brown.If you pre-preparing it, store it in a freezer and tightly tuck in clingwrap on the surface of the dip (not on the edge of the bowl as usual).

c) Cheesy dip
Half a tin Cream
A pinch of salt
A big two handfuls of Cheddar cheese grated

Method: Just like how you melt chocolate, place a bowl with the cream and cheese in a saucepan of boiling water. Stir quickly until cheese melts. For a quicker fix, you could of course just buy a bottle of cheese spread! ;-)

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