Thursday, February 28, 2008

Food blogs and all that

I can't believe how many foodies and food blogs are out there! Suppose it shouldn't be such a surprise - after all, the love for food goes across all geographical, culture and gender boundaries.

I guess the real question is, does the web need yet another food blog? Cos peeps unlike the gut-clenching funny writers or superbly talented (as in I can smell what your cooking through the pores of my PC) whiz chefs, I'm just another gal who professes a love for getting her hands dirty and whipping up stuff in the kitchen. But (aha, here's the catch) - finds less time for it these days thanks to something called a career and workload.

Since having a blog is the best way I can figure (in this inspired moment) to kickstart a new culinary adventure - here's to a hell yeah and all the best! The stuff here may be quickies but it's perfect for time-strained foodies like me... ;-)

p/s: Promise me we'll split some bubbly when I reach a record 50 posts. Cheers all.

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