Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dark roasted mixed spice chicken

It's a quickie today - marinade, bag and roast!

Dark Roasted Mixed Spice chicken
Chicken fillet pieces cut in strips
Garlic minced
Ginger minced
Pepper freshly ground
One tablespoon Light soy sauce
One teaspoon of dark soy sauce
One teaspoon honey
One tablespoon sesame oil
One teaspoonful of cinnamon powder or Mixed spice powder

Marinade chicken with all the ingredients and leave for few hours or overnight. Place aluminum foil on pan. Brush with oil. Place marinaded chicken but leave a bit of the sauce. Cover the top of the chicken with foil. When chicken is mostly cooked, brush on the thick sauce and open foil. Leave it to caramelise (the sides will yummily char)...

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