Thursday, March 6, 2008

Caramelised Apple rolls

Once again i've gotten into the craze of experimenting and making spring rolls . For a dessert twist, here's a yummy & sweet and of course, much easier to produce than conventional apple pie.

Caramelised Apple rolls
30 Medium sized rice paper sheets (the ones used to make spring rolls)

5 Green Apples (chopped up into medium cubes)
A Cup of raisins
A dash of Mixed spice (nutmeg & cinnamon a must!)
3-4 tablespoons Brown sugar
A knob of butter
2 tablespoons of evaporated milk

1. In a saucepan, heat butter. Toss in apple cubes, raisins and cook until half soft. Add in sugar and mixed spice, mix well until it covers all the apple cubes nicely. Add in the milk. Let everything caramelise into a thick saucy cover apple cubes. Take a fork and mash 1/4 of apple cubes then stir it all up. Let it all cool down.
2. Once cooled down, its time to roll the sheets. Take a teaspoonful of filling and place on the tip of the popiah (it should be at a diamond angle from you). Roll it up and stick the end with water so it doesn't open up. Once you have rolled all 30 sheets, heat up a bit of oil in the frying pan. Lightly brown popiah rolls on both sides. Unlike the typical way of doing spring rolls, you don't really need to deep fry it.
3. Scoop up rolls onto kitchen tissue or whatever you use to blot out oil. Serve hot but be careful you don't burn your mouth when you bite in, so cut it in half or poke a fork in it first! Enjoy!

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